Midweek Pennant 2020-2021 Sec Semi-final

Hi Players,

Please look at above link for the team selection for the Sectional Semi Final

Round 14 was a great round for the Midweek teams to end their home and away season on. Side 1 played away at Burwood and had a really good match and only won by 3 shots overall, a good lead-up to the finals. Side 2 played away against 5th Side Chadstone and did exceptionally well with 2 rinks up and the other rink only losing by one shot. Congratulations to David Beard and his team for this was his first time ever skipping in pennant competition, so having a win was fantastic. Best winning rink was Joe Bonnici’s with a 21 shot result.

Side 1 finished the season on top of the ladder and Side 2 with their win moved into 3rd place, wonderful results. The sectional semi-finals will see Side 1 play against Vermont South at home and Side 2 will play against Oakleigh away.

Enjoy your bowls.